Theodor Kirchner

Theodor Kirchner

Central to Kirchner’s work as a composer was his output of teaching material for piano, including many preludes, etudes and character pieces, as well as a series of piano transcriptions of other composers’ works. Kirchner’s musical skills were admired by many of his contemporaries, including Liszt and Wagner, although his music is stylistically closer to Schumann and Brahms than that of the afore-mentioned composers who represented the so-called New-German School.

However, closer inspection of his works shows that Kirchner did develop a style that resulted in some highly individual and, at times, forward-looking music. His harmonic language and textures often reminds one of the Russian music of the 1870s. Clara Schumann, to whom Kirchner dedicated his Preludes op. 9, wrote to the composer in 1859 that ‘I have found great pleasure in much therein that is beautiful.’

Urtext Primo Volume 4

Volume 4 of Urtext Primo combines works by Schumann, Brahms and Theodor Kirchner. The pieces by Kirchner continue the tonal air of Schumann and Brahms in easy playable pieces.

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